Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Arlington Heights style!

This photo shows the Banta family sitting on their front porch in 1913 and the current view of that same spot, on the corner of Euclid and Vail, today.

Nathaniel Banta is center, his wife Minnie is on the right, and daughter Elizabeth is on the left.

Nathaniel Banta had the craftsman style bungalow built in 1908. Nathaniel bought the property from his wife’s father, Frederick W. Muller. Muller owned the house at the corner of Vail and Fremont, which is less than a block away. Today both houses currently sit on the Arlington Heights Historical Museum grounds. It was the first home in Arlington Heights to be designed by an architect, W.W. Abell and Son out of Elgin. The prairie and craftsman style exterior, especially the porch, reflects the popular styles of the time.

The front porch was a very popular area for families to gather for a good portion of the year. It was also a very social place. Remember they did not have televisions to gather around. Often times you would see neighbors walking to the market, commuters coming and leaving the train station, etc. Since Minnie’s parents lived so close, it is likely that they often accompanied them for an evening on the porch.

This view of the picture hasn’t changed much, but the area surrounding the Banta house has. Euclid and Vail now have cars zooming past all day. Also, looking across the street from the porch is a different scene. Today you see the the library when you look out. The Banta’s would have seen the houses of their neighbors and the people coming and going from there. Even though it was all houses across the street, the Banta family would have still seen the library, but that story is for another #tbt. 

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