Friday, November 14, 2014

Food Fridays; Warming your soul with history and good eats

Food is a very important, and often overlooked, part of our history. Food brings people together to celebrate, to mourn, and to simply enjoy each other’s company. Communities begin and carry on traditions based solely on how food is prepared or how it’s eaten.

In 2006, the Arlington Heights Historical Society reached out to different Arlington Heights residents and compiled recipes, historical photographs traditions, stories, and folklore. Staff at the Historical Museum hope you get inspired to start, or carry on your own traditions, try a new recipe, or just to get a good laugh out of some of the Food Folklore. Whatever your reason for reading this, we hope it fills you with warmth as we enter the cold, Winter season. 

Mary Carol Frieburg's famous Chicken a la King

The recipe we wish to share is from Mary Carol Frieburg. She celebrated her
90th birthday earlier this Fall and has been a resident of Arlington Heights for 56 years. Her Chicken A La King recipe is a family favorite that is requested many times a year by her large family.
The recipe below feeds a small army, so it is perfect for a gathering of friends or family. Mary Carol estimates that it feeds 8-12 people, so feel free to cut portions in half to feed a small group, or double it if you're feeding a large army. 

Below are some of the Food Folklore, photographs, and historical information that this cookbook is full of. With more than just recipes inside its front and back cover, the Arlington Heights Cookbook would make a great gift to any chefs, history buffs, Arlington Heights lovers, or Arlington Heights missers who have had to move away from the area for jobs or schooling, etc. Throughout the holiday season they will be on sale for $10 at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum's Heritage Gallery Gift Shop. They can also be ordered over the phone, plus the price of shipping, at 847-255-1225.

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